MagWedge SKS Premium Grade KwikRail

Nearly a year in development, the Kwik Rail finally allows an SKS shooter the option of adding an optic to a solid platform.

With removal of the rear pin the KwikRail pivots up and out of the way for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Equipped with a groove for use as an emergency back-up iron sight. Front sight will require some adjustment.

Requires removal of rear sight and receiver cover pin from your SKS. All new hardware is supplied with KwikRail.

Our premium grade KwikRail is made from a single piece of high quality 6061 aluminum, and finished with our finest semi matte anodize.

No screws to loosen off and cause issues with retaining zero, this rail is made for those who want the very best.

Made in Canada!

Old Price: $139.95

Price: $119.95

You save: 20! (14.29%)

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Kwik Pin

Made available to allow for fast assembly and disassembly of rail for cleaning or inspection of your rifle. Stainless steel.



Price: $9.95

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SKS Extended Magazine Release

Our version of the extended mag release for the SKS rifle is made of steel and has a nitride finish for extra toughness and durability. Unlike some others, the Magwedge XDMR reaches almost all the way to the trigger guard, which is extremely convenient for the shooter.

The XDMR is unique  in that it is adjustable for strength of release and force required to close the magazine.


Price: $49.95

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SKS Magazine Adaptor, model G9

This product allows you to use  10 round XCR pistol magazines in your SKS. Made from 6061 aluminum alloy and finished with a black anodize coat. Most steel parts finished with a nitride process.

The mag adaptor is ideally paired up with a Magwedge KwikRail optic mount and KwikPin (both purchased separately) as shown in the photo. XCR magazine is ideally joined to another magazine by using one of our type 2 couplers, again purchased separately.

Please note that modifications to your rifle will be necessary to install your product, including receiver , bolt, bolt stop and stock. Please see our Canadian Gun Nutz sub forum for details.

By agreement with the original developer of the G9, we do not sell this unit to purchasers in the USA.



Price: $159.95

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SKS Tactical KwikRail ….. New Gen 3 now available!!

A pic of the prototype SKS TKR, still in the white and unfinished.

Production color is black (of course) and hard coat anodized.

Rail unlocks at the back and flips up for easy cleaning just like the original KwikRail.

Cut out in the  rail accomodates the use of stripper clips.

Side accessory rail for mounting a light is included. An insert rail is available and can be used to fill the stripper clip opening if desired.

Now available!

Old Price: $169.99

Price: $159.99

You save: 10! (5.88%)

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Replacement Hardware for SKS KwikRail

Complete set of SKS KwikRail hardware, suitable for all versions of the rail system.

Includes roll pin, rear mounting screw, protective velcro strip and 2 allen wrenches to assist assembly.



Old Price: $6.99

Price: $4.99

You save: 2! (28.61%)

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Insert Rail

The insert rail transforms the gen.3 SKS rail into a full length rail with no interruptions.

Angled cut of the bottom of the insert rail acts as a shell deflector and permits reliable ejection.

Will fit both the SKS and CZ gen. 3 rails, but we do not recommend it for use in the CZ rail as you will experience occasional ejection issues.

Old Price: $27.99

Price: $24.99

You save: 3! (10.72%)

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Raveneye SKS peep sight

Raveneye is our answer to creating a decent set of  iron sights for the SKS.

Raveneye is made of steel just like the original, and is correspondingly simple, rugged and easy to install/use.

It has been designed to be functional and to suit your rifle and will look like it belongs when mounted on your SKS.

Old Price: $69.95

Price: $59.95

You save: 10! (14.30%)

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