SKS Magazine Adaptor, model G9

This product allows you to use  10 round XCR pistol magazines in your SKS. Made from 6061 aluminum alloy and finished with a black anodize coat. Most steel parts finished with a nitride process.

The mag adaptor is ideally paired up with a Magwedge KwikRail optic mount and KwikPin (both purchased separately) as shown in the photo. XCR magazine is ideally joined to another magazine by using one of our type 2 couplers, again purchased separately.

Please note that modifications to your rifle will be necessary to install your product, including receiver , bolt, bolt stop and stock. Please see our Canadian Gun Nutz sub forum for details.

By agreement with the original developer of the G9, we do not sell this unit to purchasers in the USA.



Price: $159.95

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