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Magwedge Industries Limited

260 – 22529 Lougheed Highway, #1113,

Maple Ridge, BC, V2X 0T5

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  1. Tristan says:

    I just got some lar 15 straight base couplers. To install do I need to pop out the original clip plate. I assume that I do.


  2. Travis C Raby says:

    I am a small gunsmith shop in Helper Utah. I have been approached by some customers from our local shooting range about your products. Do you offer dealer or wholesale pricing? Thank you.
    If you get a chance check out our range. search for North Springs Shooting Range. We are 50 caliber friendly and have ranges to 1500 meters. Also cowboy action town.

  3. admin says:

    Yes, original base plate must be removed. Magwedge replaces the base plate (remove screws first), then add any retaining screws after.

  4. Mike Sequeira says:

    How many inches long is the MagWedge SKS Full Length KwikRail? From end to end? Thank you for your time…

  5. admin says:

    Overall length is 12″ with nearly 10.5″ of useable rail surface.

  6. Emerson Gammad says:

    Do you have store for walk-in customers or just online store?! Thanks.

  7. admin says:

    Online store and I show up at the lower mainland shows. No store location at this point …

  8. callum duncan says:

    I would by a kwikrail with the kwik pin now if i knew i could use my tec 2000 sight ,but it uses the same mount point any suggestions on a quality iron sight that can utilize the forsight with your rail

  9. Paul says:


    I just came across your awesome looking magazine wedges. Awesome concept. I ordered two and hope that they are as good as they look in the pics. Thank you for coming up with something that has both form and function. The nearest thing that I could find in the states which had function but no form was a polymer coupler by caldwell shooting services. Thank you again for your product for those of us living in places with magazine cap limits.

  10. Rich K says:

    Hey guys, your product works better than anything on the market!!! Please tell me you are planning on developing this system for the m-14? There would be a huge market for it here in Canada…Troy industries is the only company that makes a reliable scope mount/chassis for the m14 style rifles but it is almost impossible to get Troy products up here in Canada. I’m sure you would sell a ton of them. (metric ton of course lol).
    Thanks for the great product!
    Rich K

  11. Randy Schmidt says:


    Would like to order a QwikRail for my SKS, but confused over shipping costs. Product page says shipping $0.00, yet checkout cart indicates $15.00. Which is correct?

    Thanks, Randy

  12. admin says:

    Try mounting a set of AR15 back up iron sights on the rail.

  13. admin says:

    Yes we offer dealer pricing on our products.

  14. robert says:


    Was wondering which one youd recommend for the Remington 7615…pump action .223 modelled on the 870



  15. admin says:

    Either wedge will work, its reallya matter of what magazine you have … the type 1 works best with mags which are based on a shortened 30 round body while the type 2 works best with mags based on a shortened 20 round mag.

  16. admin says:

    Shipping is a flat $15 … it is a quirk of the website software that causes it only to show up at the end of the process.

  17. Scott Harley says:

    Dear Magwedge,

    Ruger Mini 14 and Mini 3o owners are feeling neglected and there is a big untapped market out there for magwedges for us.



  18. DocNugent says:

    Question about your MagWedge for Glock: The ad says, “. . . Joins two Glock mags to create a shape identical to a stick mag with 10 rounds at either end. . . .” Is that regardless of the capacity of the mags before being joined? I.e., two 17-round Glock mags would have a combined capacity of 20 rounds? A side view picture might help clarify how it works. Thanks.

  19. Mini-T says:

    In Canada pistol magazines are limited to 10 rounds. Hence “mag with 10 rounds at either end”. If you don’t have capacity limitations on your mags, two 17 round Glock mags joined end to end would give you 34 rounds total. 17 rounds, flip mag around, then another 17 rounds.

  20. admin says:

    Hi Scott,

    We have a Mini14 prototype ready to go but magazine supply is not the best at the moment.
    We may do a trial run when we can free up machine time and capital for this.

    Keep an eye on this web site and on the CGN forum.

  21. Frank says:


    i Wonder if your magwedge glock magazine couplers are working with all glock magazine because i just bouth a kel tec sub 2000 in 9mm glock mag ?


  22. admin says:

    They will fit that mag …. they are desoigned to fit any 9mm or 40 cal Glock magazine.

  23. Chris says:

    Along the lines of the MagWedge for LAR mags, have you considered building not a mag-mag coupler, but a body extender? Having a block which would clip onto the bottom of a LAR mag which would give it the same dimensions as a standard 30-round mag would be rather handy for mag pouches.

  24. will says:

    I ordered an item from you and its shipping to the US, you emailed me a tracking number and it said to log on to the website and then enter the tracking number, however I never created an account and cant find a place to create one! can you help me track my package?

  25. Craig stevens says:

    Any plans for a magwedge to fit the Grizzly mags?

  26. admin says:

    There are a few guys making extenders already, so the market ( and I believe it to be a small one) is relatively well covered.

    My primary reason for not jumping on the “extender bandwagon” is that at the cost of these extenders you might as well have an extra mag and a $10 magwedge to join them together. You have more options.

  27. admin says:

    Hi WIll.

    We use Canada Post and Canpar courier. You will need to check the website of the carrier we shipped with, not our site. In your case we used Canada Post, please check your tracking info there.

  28. admin says:

    It seems to me the length produced would produce a very unwieldy result. I will take a look at it and see if something practical can be done … either that or something fun and wildly impractical, LOL.

  29. Sergey says:

    You make the delivery to Israel? why when ordering page writes postage, free shipping to Israel?

  30. daryn johnston says:

    Hi, are you able to send a 5/20rnd m14 magazine to new zealand,

  31. Barry says:

    Hi Magwedge,
    I’m an (Russian) SKS owner from Belgium and I’m really interested in the kwikrail and the quickpin.
    I tried the receiver cover types, and they are horrible.
    I’ve been searching the net for dealers in Europe, but I couldn’t find any.
    I wonder if you ship to Europe and if you do, what are the shipping costs most likely?

    Thank you,

  32. admin says:

    Shipping costs including a tracking number will be $50 to Belgium.

    Expected delivery time is about 2 weeks (8 business days).

    If you want faster shipping that will be about $100.

  33. Forrest says:

    Have a quick question about your M14 Spring Guides. Will they work with the Norc Spring or will I have to swap that for a different size?



  34. admin says:

    Our spring guides work with any spring designed for the M14 or M1a rifle.

    There is no need to replace your Norinco spring. And should you decide at some point to replace it with a North American made spring, the guide will still work with the replacement spring.

  35. admin says:

    Yes it should be ok to ship to NZ.

  36. admin says:

    I can ship to Israel, postage will need to be calculated before payment as stated on the website.

  37. Joe Gyotar says:

    I was wondering if the SKS to AR mag adapter is available as your website was mentioned as distributor by the US developer.

  38. Michael says:

    In a “Responses to Contact Info” you mention a prototype magazine coupler for the Mini-14. Please continue to pursue this. There will be a large demand. Many purchase stock Mini-14 since it does NOT meet the description often used to describe an “assault rifle” used in gun control attempts where particular AR platform features are. Mini-14′s purchases will continue to grow as this debate continues. Can you informed me when these become available? How do I register for updates on the CGN forum? Also, would there be any prohibitions to ordering/receiving them here in the US (including both US and Canadian laws)? I am not aware of any but I am not well educated on such. Many others might have this same question. Thank you for your time, consideration and a fine product.

  39. Vadim says:

    Will Ar-15 LAR type 2a coupler be compatible with xcr 7.62×39 mags?

  40. Russ says:

    I live in Orlando, Florida. I am interested in several SKS items – can you ship the Rail and also the SKS mag-release into the United States? Thank You!

  41. Kanan says:


    Is a local pickup possible? I am just over in New west and want to buy a XCR magwedge coupler.

  42. MICHEL GAMACHE says:


  43. ken says:

    Hi just ordered a rail for my savage axi
    was wondering if you guys can make or get one for a browning blr lever action 308

  44. richard brunson says:

    are your prices in U.S. dollars or Canadian dollars?

  45. Greg says:

    I tried purchasing 3 lar mag wedges from this website, I went through to the info and shipping info, i then clicked manual purchase and no credit card information showed up on the screen yet still thanked me for my purchase. Any help?

  46. Jonathan Wilfred Michelin says:

    I have the rail and the screw for the pin is stripped, and I’m wondering if you have info on the mag adapter also for the SKS, and a new pin

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