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A note on American orders:

We can ship most parts directly to customers in the USA.

This includes items such as spring guides, bolt releases and other external parts. Keep the total on all orders containing parts under $100 US in order to comply with US law.

Accessories, such as rail systems have no limits, just keep the order under $100 if any actual parts are added to the order.

Always make sure that anything you order complies with local laws.

A note on shipping.

At this time we ship anywhere in North America for a flat $15 no matter what the size of the order is.  This will include a tracking number and up to $100 insurance. Please request a quote for larger amounts of insurance.

International customers should email and request a shipping quote before making an order on the website.

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  1. Frank Taylor says:

    Hi Dave, sks mount was in last nights mail, took all of 5 mins to install.

    Thanks Frank

  2. admin says:

    Glad you found the install easy, hope you get lots of use and enjoyment out of it.


  3. Jack says:

    You did a great job, my fully “bubba’d” SKS has been waiting for a decent rail system to attach a reflex site to. Almost all of the ones on the market are either way to big & bulky, attach too far forward, or are complete junk (aka the China made scourge, never trust a anti-gun society to make gun parts).

    While this product is great an of course it is to be expected, it was made by Canadians (USA, what happened to you?), sad to say it has 2-3 key design flaws I dislike. Yes here are my two bits but bare with me.

    1a: The rear securing bolt makes the rifle no longer “quick tear down” like it was meant to be. The SKS was made for the battlefield meaning you can tear it down to it’s basic components in a short amount of time for easy cleaning of the basics much like the Ak-47′s, M1 Garands or a AR-15. There is a list a mile long of hardware designs you could have used instead of a bolt so someone could quickly have access to the bolt assembly.

    1b: As stated above that’s a problem but the rail also attaches/replaces the front sight mount. Even if the rear was setup for quick detach so you could get the dust cover off to access the bolt assembly, you would still have this long rail hovering there. While it would be stupid to create a quick detach system for the forward area because it would make for a very wobbly rail, a simple fix is at hand and that is a “hinge”. A big bulky hinge with a hinge liner/bearing for smooth solid “stay zero” stability that allows you to life the whole thing up and out of the way without too much risk of breaking the rail. Might be a bugger to machine thou, so many more extra steps.

    2. Finally the stripper clip feed option is no longer available. Not much of a biggie with these duckbill magazines from Tapco but it’s cheap, fast & easy just the same. Could have made a different version where they keep that area open an just have metal/side rail go along the opposing left side

  4. admin says:

    Hi Jack,

    Thank you for your comments …. I truly value fair minded and honest comments such as yours.

    Naturally, when you make changes to an existing system, choices need to be made. There is seldom, if ever, a perfect modification or design.

    To answer your concerns:
    1a It was understood that ‘quick tear down” as in the original rifle would be affected, but it is our belief that access is still reasonably fast and that the gain is more than the loss in this case with the addition of a strong stable 12 inch rail for mounting optics. If you can do without a rail because you don’t need optics, by all means do so ;;;; simpler is always better.

    1b We did consider other options, and I hope you will forgive me not going into details … you never know we may produce them some day. However one limiting factor was cost. It became clear to me that as we pursued the ‘perfect rail” both time to get it to market and cost of production would be unacceptable for us. Here in Canada the SKS is a $200 rifle … therefore the rail had to be available at about half that cost.

    2 Again, we considered a variety of options including one that allowed retention of stripper clips. In the end you have to make a choice … and the stripper versions were more complex more, expensive and possibly a less solid platform. In the end access to detachable mags, and sticking to my original goals for the rail helped in making a final decision. Again, you gain a solid full length rail, weigh that against what you lose and decide if it works for your situation or not.

    In case you are curious, here are the goals I used in producing the rail.

    1. had to be a solid stable optics platform

    2. had to allow cleaning the rifle without changing zero or removing and reinstalling rail completely.

    3. had to be a fair amount cheaper than the cost of the rifle itself

    4. had to be a full length rail to allow maximum versatility in optics choices

    Those were my objectives … you can be the judge as to how successful I was in meeting them, and of course you can be the judge in terms of whether or not this rail will meet your objectives too. In the end I think we have the very best system available for the SKS and it will continue to be improved as we move forward with production.

    Thanks again for your valued and honest feedback … happy shooting!

  5. Scott says:

    Can you please explain the difference between AR15 coupler and AR15 coupler type 2? The descriptions between the two seem to be just copies of each other… thanks!

  6. Robin says:

    I love the rail but the first time shooting it the screw at the back that holds the rail down on the fork that goes on either side of the back of the action fell out. Where in the world an I find another screw. I only noticed it when my scope started bouncing out of zero every shot ha ha. but still its a great stable platform for the sks and I have been looking forever for something like this. Just need a new screw.

  7. admin says:

    Replacement on the way …

  8. Corden Inskeep says:

    just a quick note. I used one on my sks for a while. It worked great. couple small bobbles but nothing serious. I found the pin in the front of the rail worked loose and slid out. Either stake it in place or as I did, thread the hole and run a small bolt through it. As far as the take down feature, I simply used a hitch pin in place of the screw. worked great, still fast take down. Quality product, and I highly recommend it

  9. admin says:

    Type 1 is for the LAR15 mags first imported that have a shape based on a standard 30 round mag. Type 2 coupler fits mags based on a 20 round shape which have a base running at an angle to the sides of the magazine. I have posted pics for each, I hope that helps.

  10. Wes Ward says:

    I have been told that the holes on the rear receiver cover of the rail are larger then the pin that fits thru this … and may cause a small amount of wobble on the rail. This may have been corrected on newer generations of the rail. Since I am very interested in picking one up and having a very stable scope platform for my sks can you tell me if this has been corrected or if it was simply a rumor that I picked up?

  11. admin says:

    Just a rumour …. no wobble evident in test models and no complaints from customers.

  12. Randy (ShotgunNut) says:

    Kwik Rail and Wartak. Has your design been hijacked? Can you fill me in on how the origins of these rails co-relate?

    PS. Very excited about my Kwik Rail order. It looks to improve the cosmetics and functionality 100%. Who cares about stripper clips, although kind of fun for a change, that’s what detachable magazines are for.

  13. admin says:

    We believe our design was first. The competition is situated nearby so draw your own conclusions from that. :)

    We have some new designs on the way, watch out for them!

  14. Stephen G Bell says:

    Very interested in your rail for my SKS. My only reservation is the rear fixing ‘bolt’ with two nuts. Why not a quick release spring pin? Can you supply this?

  15. admin says:

    Take a look for our KwikPin on the website. I think that will do what you want.

  16. callum duncan says:

    Marcus says says you are going to be selling a mag adapter for the LARS pistol mags when and how much we really need one to handle unmolested lars mags

  17. Math B says:

    do you got any g3 duckbill less adapter… there are only the g9 in the store

  18. Nathan Metcalf says:

    Just wondering if you can ship a g9 mag wedge to New Zealand? Love the idea as AR mags are plentiful here and a tapco or promag 20 round for sks will run for around $300 here!

  19. TJ says:

    Hello I am just wondering if you still have the scope rails for the sks?

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